AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Saturdays – Ep 306 – Recovery from alcoholism – The 12 steps – How to go from conscious separation to conscious contact with God – See pdf recovery from alcoholism under resources and thoughts 74-77 Experiencethebigbook.org – Part 1

How  we go from my self centered world to the world of the spirit and stay there. see resources pdf recovery from alcoholism and thoughts 74-77 on site experiencethebigbook.org …. I can be contacted mhurwitz50@gmail,com

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Saturday – Ep: 222 – Steps 8-9 – Into Action – Pages 76-9 -Why is forgiveness essential for willingness? – What is the purpose of amends – Specific instructions

These pages have the instructions for working steps 8 and 9. I review the information from last week. Further thoughts on forgiveness and willingness. How do you approach the person whom you once hated? What is the attitude that one should have? What about if you owe money? What about criminal offenses? They give us…

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