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Thoughts for recovery – No 77- Recovery from Alcoholism – Part 4

See resources for recovery to find card on recovery from alcoholism to follow

In the previous 3 parts I covered how I moved out of my self centered world thru the arch of freedom into the world of the spirit. The promises on page 83 come true when we have entered this world. The book says we are now at step 10. So step 10 is how I keep the promises alive in my life every day. There are specific instructions on page 84. I watch, with God,  in the world of the spirit for selfishness, dishonesty, ,resentment, fear, and I add inconsideration.  When these crop up I am entering my self centered world and before these are fully harvested I ask God at once to remove them. If particularly disturbed, I am to discuss with someone immediately. Doing steps 4-7 all the time. Make amends immediately and I add for myself to forgive immediately. Steps 8-9. Then I am told to turn my thoughts immediately away from me and what I want to how I can help others. This is how I stay in the world of the spirit.

How does God want me to be in his world? To be loving and tolerant to all, not some ,but all. This is the vision of God’s will for me that I must carry with me every day. If I practice this way of living I will be in fit spiritual condition and my reaction to life will be God directed. I will have a daily reprieve from my alcoholism.

Now that I am using inventory to keep in conscious contact with God they suggest that I use daily prayer and meditation to improve it. These instructions start on page 86 with a nightly review of how well I did during the day . They ask me a series of questions and then I am to ask God’s forgiveness and for what corrective measures should be taken.

There follows directions on what to pray for upon awakening. I ask God to direct my thinking especially asking that it be divorced from self pity, dishonest or self seeking motives. Then there is a meditation that if I face indecision during the day I seek God’s direction before making decisions. Relax and take it easy and the right answers will come.

I am to constantly ask God to show me through the day what my next step is to be, that I be given whatever I need to take care of  such problems. I need to always stay in right relationship with God.

Finally to stay in the world of the spirit they direct me to pause when I am agitated or doubtful. Whenever I am fearful or angry to pause and ask God for the right thought or action. I must constantly remind myself I am no longer running the show. It is His will be done not mine.

If I follow the directions to pause and ask  I will be in much less danger of excitement, fear, anger, worry, self pity , or foolish decisions. I become more efficient. I am no longer burning up energy foolishly because I am not trying to arrange life to suit myself.

I am spiritually awake to that which has all power. In these 4 parts I hope I have been able to give a brief overview of how the steps achieve recovery from alcoholism. Welcome any comment mhurwitz50@gmail.com



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