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Wednesdays – Year 5- Ep: 59 – How it Works – Step 4 – Sex – The Specific Instructions on the Sex Inventory – Pages 68-9

How we use the specific questions and prayers in these pages to look at our behavior in relationships so we can mold with God’s direction a sane ideal for relationships. I think this inventory and these pages are not discussed at most meetings anymore. I hope this review will be helpful. Any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wed – Year 5 – Ep: 49 – Step 4 – How it works – Pages 70-1 – The fourth step results! The fourth step promises!

we could also call this the fourth step results! welcome any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 44 – – How it Works – Page 62 – Step 3 – Part 2 – I must be rid of my selfishness or it is going to kill me! Who makes it possible? God!

Words don’t adequately do justice to the power of this page to change the way I see things and begin down the spiritual path. I hope you find this helpful. Welcome  comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 43 – How it Works – Step 3 – Part 1 – Pages 60-61 – What is the first requirement? What is my basic trouble!

We begin the study of these powerful 3 pages on step 3. It helps if you read it in the first person. These pages essentially describe line by line my spiritual malady and ask you the question is this true for you. It was and is life changing for me. Appreciate any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Sunday’s – Year 5 – Ep: 4 – AA History – Synchronicity of Events – Part 2 – A look at what is the message and are we carrying it today?

Excellent review of the events and people that God brought together to give us this message of hope. Is the fellowship today carrying the original message?
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 42 – The “How it Works” Preamble – Part 4 – Pages 59-60 – Recovery from Alcoholism

I finish reviewing pages 58/60 which I call the how it works preamble. It would be helpful to find the card recovery from alcoholism under resources which I talk about in this podcast. I also have writen 4 thoughts on this topic. Welcome any comments
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Sundays – Year 5 – Ep: 3 – AA History – A Synchronicity of Events – The Hand of God

The people and events which came together for the message of AA to come to us today.
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 39 – “How it Works” Preamble – Part 1 – Page 58 – Can I see the truth of my situation and make a decision to go to any length

we have come to what I call the AA preamble that is read at every meeting . I will cover it over the next several podcasts.
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Sundays – Year 5 – Ep: 2 – Introduction to the book Alcoholics Anonymous – Cover, First Page, Table of contents, Forward to the first edition

I begin the study of the book. Start with the cover, the first page, table of contents, forward to first edition.
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 38 – Step 2 – We Agnostics – Pages 55-57 – Powerful conclusion to this chapter!

Have you stepped from bridge of reason to shore of faith? How do you fix your cornerstone in place? When we drew near to Him He disclosed Himself to us!
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 37- Step 2 – We Agnostics – Pages 53-55 – Where is the fundamental idea of God ? How do we find Him? What is the attitude needed to join in the Broad Highway?

I have heard several speakers say that these particular pages may be the most spiritual in this powerful spiritual book. These words have guided me and I hope guide you as well. Welcome comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Sundays – Year 5 – Ep: 1 – Beginning the big book study for the 10th time on Sunday! The cover and forward to the first edition – What is the purpose of this book?

I look at purpose of the big book . How it is laid out. What is the problem. How we achieve the solution. welcome any comment mhurwitz50@gmail.cm
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Wednesdays – Year 5 – Ep: 35 – Step 2 – We Agnostics – Pages 50-53 – Is God everything or nothing? What is my choice to be?

What is our choice to be ? Is God everything or nothing? This is the only choice I make all day long that really matters! Great stuff in these pages.
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