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UPDATE:  THE ONLINE ZOOM AND TELECONFERENCE MEETINGS NOW REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS. THE PASSWORD IS: 1234 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experience the Big Book meetings will be accessible online as Zoom video conferences, starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6pm central time.  These meetings can be accessed go to thought and click…

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Saturday – Ep: 140 – Step 1 as presented in the book Alcoholics Anonymous – A review of the first step

Last Saturday the treatment center sent people to the meeting I decided to do a first step intro using the big book… Members new and old thought it helpful… enjoy… let me hear from u mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesday’s – Ep: 137 – To wives – Final look at how to practice the principles at home and with others – Pages 119 -121

We finish this chapter with some final instructions on practicing the principles at home and with others. There was a lot of information this chapter that I will try to apply in my life… Hope u find it helpful… like to hear from u mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesdays – Ep: 136 – To Wives – Pages – 116-119 -Practicing the Spiritual Principles at home

This episode further looks at how we practice principles in our lives in particular with those we love. Great info.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 135 – To wives – Categories of alcoholics – Pages 108-113

This chapter is often not read but the information in these pages should be understood by anyone involved in alcoholism. I found this study to be of great value to me.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 134 – To Wives – Pages – 104-108 – Description of the Alcoholic

Everyone should study and understand this chapter. For years I had an old idea that I wouldn’t get anything out of this chapter! How wrong I was. I read this with new people to help them see their alcoholism and how it looks to other people. This chapter is divided into three parts. In this…
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Saturday – Ep: 137 – The Hand of God working in my life – The Great Promise on Page 68 that God showed me the moment I heard my son died – – Life Changing for me

When my son Curtis died this is the line that God showed me that would enable me to deal with this horrible event with serenity
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Wednesdays – Ep:133 – AA History – Why are we here today – A synchronicity of Events – The Hand of God – From Carry this Message

What were the events that put people together to give this program of recovery to us? You can’t help but see the hand of God. I never get tired of looking at the history of AA. We go over this chapter from Carry this Message by Joe Mcq.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 132 – Step 12 – Sponsorship – Joe Mcq from Joe and Charlie shares his thoughts – Powerful – From Carry this Message

This episode is about sponsorship. We cover the chapter in Carry this Message that has some excellent information on this topic. Joe Mcq gives his thoughts on this important and maybe misunderstood topic that I believe will be very helpful to listeners.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 131 – Step 12 – Sponsorship – AA History – Is AA effectively carrying the message? From Carry this Message chapter 2

This episode has further information on the synchronicity of events that led to the formation of AA. Then we finish the look at passing on this special gift that we have been given. How effectively is AA carrying the message today? The first two chapters in Carry this Message are completed in this episode.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 130 – Step 12 – Passing on a Special Gift – From Carry this message – Chapter 1

Is AA today carrying this message? How effective are the meetings you attend passing on this special gift? How has the fellowship moved away from the program? This book is a powerful tool in sponsorship and how to work the steps. It follows the big book. Joe Mcq started the Joe and Charlie big book…
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Wednesday – Ep: 129 – Step 12 – Working with Others – Page 100-103 – Final Thoughts

Look at paragraph on p.100. The great promise. What can you do if spiritually fit? What is your job? The final message on page 103.
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Saturdays – Ep: 136 – Special Episode – Dr. Mike’s Story- Memorial Group – June 3, 2018

I spoke at the memorial Saturday night speaker meeting. Tried to carry the message that God has done and can do for me what I could never do for myself. My only goal is always to do his work well and let him demonstrate through me what he can do. Welcome any thoughts mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesday – Ep: 127 – Working with Others – Dependence on God – A new and wonderful world – Step 12 Promises – Pages 99-100

How can I describe these pages! What is your recovery dependent on?  What happens if you follow the dictates of your higher power and place yourself in His hands? As we like to say Great stuff!
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Wednesdays – Ep: 126 – Step 1 and Step 12 – Working with others – Pages 94-97

We review the specific instructions on what is to be discussed with the new man. What is a vital part of your recovery? When do you lend him a copy of the big book? What do we offer them? What must he decide for himself? What practical advice do we give? When do we act…
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Wednesdays – Ep: 125 – Step 12 – Working with others – Specific directions for approaching and connecting with a new prospect – Pages 91-93

These pages go into how you approach a prospect. Very specific suggestions. Are we doing this today? This information I have found very helpful for me working with someone . It helps keep me in touch with my first step.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 124 – Step 12 – Working with Others – 12 step promises – How to carry the message – Pages 89-91

This is a powerful chapter that applies today as much as in 1939. Starts with promises that result from working steps1-12. Then detailedview of how to connect and guide a new person.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 34 – Special Thanksgiving Meeting from 2017

This meeting was the night before thanksgiving. Did something different . Hope you enjoy. Let me know at mhurwitz50@gmail.com.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 123 – Step 11 – The Power of Prayer and the Sense of Belonging – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions – Pages 98 -105

I complete the review of step 11 by looking at the discussion on prayer in the 12 and 12. There is a look at the benefits of prayer. How it can change us and give us a sense of purpose. We never have to be alone any more. Examines how we should use prayer effectively.
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Wednesdays – Ep 122 – Step 11 – The St. Francis Prayer – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions – Pages 96-100

This chapter begins by giving some observations on the power of prayer and meditation. We look at the st francis prayer. What does it suggest? What do I bring if connected to God ? What do I seek? What do I receive? How can this prayer be used in meditation to improve my conscious contact…
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Wednesdays – Ep: 121 – Step 11 -The Steps We Took – Part 3

We complete our look at step 11 in the steps we took. Further instructions on meditation. The goal of our prayers. What do do during the day when agitated or doubtful. Finally some observations on the results of this step.
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Wednesdays – Ep: 120 – Step 11 – Steps We Took – Tapping an inner resource -Part 2

This episode covers the instructions for prayer in the morning. Then we look at the daily meditation on indecision. Finally we review the directions for day.
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