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Experience the Big Book AA Meetings Available Online

UPDATE:  THE ONLINE ZOOM AND TELECONFERENCE MEETINGS NOW REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS. THE PASSWORD IS: 1234 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experience the Big Book meetings will be accessible online as Zoom video conferences, starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6pm central time.  These meetings can be accessed go to thought and click…

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Saturday – Year 6 – Ep: 9 – False Pride – See thought no.4

I heard from a talk by Clancy I that False Pride is a killer for alcoholics. I think it defined my life.  See thought number 4 on experiencethebigbook.org under thoughts on recovery ….any comments mhurwitz50@gmail,com
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Saturdays – Year 6 – Ep 5 – Recovery from alcoholism – The 12 steps – How to go from conscious separation to conscious contact with God – See pdf recovery from alcoholism under resources and thoughts 74-77 Experiencethebigbook.org – Part 1

How  we go from my self centered world to the world of the spirit and stay there. see resources pdf recovery from alcoholism and thoughts 74-77 on site experiencethebigbook.org …. I can be contacted mhurwitz50@gmail,com
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Saturday – Year 6 – Ep: 4 – Big Book Goals – Row of Dominoes on how we change – Arch to freedom – Bridge from reason to faith – Self will vs God’s will – The process of spiritual growth – Part 3

see handouts under thoughts on recovery – arch to freedom – shortcomings to change – self will vs God’s will – process to change and principles of the steps
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Saturday – Year 6 – Ep: 3 – Big Book Goals – Disease concept of Alcoholism – Road map to a decision – How meetings brought recovery – The dominoes of recovery – Part 2

see handouts under resources on recovery – disease concept of alcoholism – road chart to decision – dominoes of recovery – shortcomings to change
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Saturday – Year 6 – Ep: 1 – The 12 Steps of AA – A game plan for living a spiritual life – Building an arch to freedom – The purpose of steps 1 thru 9

Back to live meetings! Will be reviewing different aspects of the message contained in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Go to resources  on the site and find pdf on arch to freedom 
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Sunday – Year 6 – Ep: 5 – AA History – Where did the big book come from and AA in the beginning

We look at the books used in the writing of this powerful spiritual work. The spiritual principles came from many sources which we review in detail. Then see how AA was in the beginning and how the founders worked with newcomers and how the fellowship came into being. A look at Dr Bob and the…
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