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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 42 – Step 4 – Fear – We are in the World to play the role God assigns – Page 68

After telling me I need to trust God not my finite self there is a powerful statement of instruction. “We are in the world to play the role God assigns.” Wow. My assignment is to only play the role God has assigned me. Sounds very simple but is not easy. First I must know what is my role. I think they are not talking only about my actions but my thinking as well. Remember my actions will reflect my thinking!
For me, my role, I believe is to bring the characteristics of God into every situation. Am I bringing love into every situation. What I bring is what I get. The role God assigns reminds me of the St Francis prayer. Am I a channel of God’s peace? The prayer suggests what I should bring and seek and then what I find. I have found it very helpful to meditate on this prayer on a daily basis.
On page 77 it says my real purpose is to fit myself to be of maximum service to God and the people about me. So another role is to seek to be in fit spiritual condition and to serve God and others. If I am in fit spiritual condition my reactions and subsequent actions will be God centered and good. The steps are how I do that. Do I practice inventory , meditation, and prayer on a daily basis? Following the instructions on pages 84-88 helps me to stay in conscious contact with God. When I am connected to God I will be playing the role God has for me. I will be in the world of the spirit. Fear doesn’t exist in that world. It is that simple.
What does this have to do with fear? Faith and fear cannot both exist at the same time. God’s role for me is to trust him. I cannot have trust in God and fear at the same time. If I am doing God’s will for me I need not be afraid! The key is to turn away from my role for me to God’s role. Self centered fear does not exist unless I am playing the actor running the show. In the play of life I am an actor not the director. God has a script for me with a role assigned by my director, God. For me the role is straight forward to be the best husband, father, son, physician, AA member, human being in all my affairs by being the person God created. Not the person Michael creates by playing God and running the show. I know whenever I start to get afraid or worried I am following the wrong director, me.
Ask yourself what is your role? How successful are you at following it on a regular basis?
In the next thought I will connect this line on page 68 to the next 2 sentences and for me maybe the greatest promise in the big book.

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  1. Clancy on February 25, 2018 at 3:25 am

    Following my sponsor’s advice, for the first time in my life I have performed daily morning prayer for several weeks. Lately I added the handout’s suggestion to pray over the list of step 4 resentments. There have been amazing moments now and then when particularly poisonous resentment/anger has lifted—from some people in my list I never expected I’d be able to even pray for. It’s not perfect so far of course but the daily practice of prayer has become so important I find I’m restless irritable and discontented on those rare days I’ve missed (or even delayed) my prayers. Without regular morning conscious contact with God, I’m at a real disadvantage that day.

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