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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 20 – We have entered the World of the Spirit – Page 84 -Step 10

Tonight at the wed night meeting we are starting study of step 10.  When I started to record episodes in feb 2017 on wed night we were on step 4 p64. If you go to episode page and choose wed night tag at bottom of page the episodes will appear in order.

I am going to focus tonight on p84 the first couple of paragraphs.  When you have worked steps 1-9 and are in amends the authors give us the 9th step promises .Step 10 is how to live each day staying close to God and doing his work. Remember we made a contract with God in step 3 that he would provide everything I need if I stay close to him and perform his work well. P 84-88 give specific instructions on how we accomplish that goal on a daily basis.

When you have reached this point it says we have entered the world of the spirit. It means I have left my world of self . How did I get out of the world of the spirit? I did it in my mind by separating from God and self directing my life. When I reach step 10 I have done a lot of work to destroy my self centeredness by facing and being rid of the things blocking me from God’s power and direction thru steps 4 thru 9.

The world of the spirit is living in the now with conscious contact with God. It is only in the world of the spirit that I have access to God’s power and direction . The paragraph on p84 in a few sentences tells me how to live each day and stay in the now with God. I meditate on these words every day in the morning and try to follow it’s directions throughout the day . On episode tonight will review it in detail. The episode will be on site in a few days.

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