AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 8 – Update from Dr. Mike – Welcome to the site

I want to thank everyone for their support. Patty and I have been gone for several weeks and when came back been busy with family. Now everything caught up and I will be updating thoughts on recovery at least 3 times a week. The podcasts will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since each meeting at different part of the book each update will reflect where we are in the text. Tonight we are on step 6 and 7. I am using the chapter from the book the steps we took to cover this step since the big book only has 2 paragraphs on it. I have had positive feedback from using this book over the yrs to complement the basic text . The lesson from tonight has powerful insight into how to incorporate this critical step into my daily program of recovery. In general I cover the big book and then use the steps we took for additional instruction.

On Saturday I am  starting on the family afterword. I cover to p 164 and also Dr. Bobs story then we start over beginning with the cover.  Sunday will be on the how it works preamble. So hopefully you will understand the order of updates.

Everytime I cover an area I see new things as God reveals himself to me and I don’t use notes so even though over time will be repeating areas the content and insights will hopefully continue to be of value to you.

The site has only been up about 2 months but I am encouraged by the number of participants. I wanted to be able to read the book with someone and share my experience so they could have their own experience and pass on to someone else. One alcoholic helping another.

I do not consider myself an expert or authority but merely trusted servant sharing my experience  strength and hope. I do not speak for aa or for the experience the big book group.

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of my son’s death. I started this study of the big book last week of September 2008 with the hope of helping someone see the directions to a spiritual awakening so someone won’t have to die like Curtis did in his car.

I would be grateful to share thoughts with you so please email me anytime, My email address is mhurwitz50@gmail.com.  If you find this site helpful share it with your aa friends and there is a way to share and follow on facebook as well. My wonderful wife has made bookmarks with the site info on it. Contact me and I will send to you to share.


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