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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 26 – Step 1 – I admit I am powerless over alcohol

I am going to share my thoughts on each step during the next couple of weeks. Step 1 has two parts. The first part is to admit I am powerless over alcohol. This is not a step that you work on. This is an admission based on your experience. To admit means to let in. Have IĀ  fully conceded I am an alcoholic. To concede requires that the individual fully admits that they cannot control how much they drink and have lost the power to choose to not drink. If that be the case then you are an alcoholic.

The first step then requires that the person admit that if they are an alcoholic that they are powerless over alcohol. What does it mean to be powerless over alcohol? The big book tells us that an alcoholic has no defense against the next drink. He cannot recall at certain times the humiliation of even a moment ago and takes the first drink. Then being alcoholic he has no control over how much he drinks. Being powerless means that alcohol has power over you and you have no power over it. Ever. They tell us that the power must come from a power greater than myself. It comes from my relationship with my Creator.

People come to AA and sometimes they think that self knowledge will fix them. The book is very clear that self knowledge cannot overcome alcoholism. Why? Because the alcoholic right before he takes the first drink can only see what alcohol is going to do for him not to him. Thus will power cannot work. The alcoholic cannot see truth about alcohol before he takes the first drink. This has been proven over and over again. Is this your experience? If it is then you are done with the first part of step 1 provided that you have no lurking notion that someday you will regain power. This part of step one requires that one admit complete defeat. Forever. It is a done deal. I will never on my own gain any power over alcohol. I will never regain the power of choice over alcohol on my own.

The power must come from God.. God is the power and the power solves my problem .

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  1. BARBARA SOUSA on March 7, 2018 at 2:05 am

    Thank you so much for your service. I am getting so much out of your discussions on the steps.

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