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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 28 – Step 2 – I came to believe

Step 2 is covered in the chapter to the agnostic. The authors take all the pages up to p 45 to hammer home the point that if I am a real alcoholic I must surrender that I have no power nor does anyone else have the power to help me. My defense must come from a power greater than myself who I choose to call God. This is not a one time surrender I must surrender on a daily basis the rest of my life.

I must come to believe that their is a power greater than me that can give me the power to live. P 45 clearly states the power removes the problem. The steps are designed to destroy my self centeredness so God can direct my life.

How do I come to believe? I can go to meetings and see how people with my same problem have found a power greater than themselves and are staying sober. They seem to have a purpose and direction to their lives as a result of a relationship to this power. They are restored to sanity regarding alcohol. They have a power that will enable them to see the truth about alcohol. Alcohol is no longer a solution.

This chapter says we only need to answer a simple question. Do I believe or am I even willing to believe that their is a Power greater than myself?  They say if I believe or am willing to believe than I am on my way. That upon this simple cornerstone a wonderfully effective spiritual structure can be built.

Are you willing ? In this chapter they tell me I can choose my own conception of God. They found that God does not make too hard terms to seek him. The  Realm of the Spirit is broad, roomy , all inclusive , never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek him. It is open they believed to all men. I can tell you it is true for me. Is it true for you?

P 55 has a powerful message! If I am willing to let go of prejudice , think honestly, and search diligently within myself then I can join them on the broad highway to God. That with this attitude I cannot fail and the consciousness of my belief will come to me! I can tell you this has come true for me and the only barrier for it happening to you are your old ideas.

It is read at every meeting that God can and will if I seek Him. Willing to believe that their is a power greater than me that can restore me to sanity is all that is required to begin the journey to conscious contact with your Creator.


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