AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery




Dr. Mike, in these essays, discusses different aspects of recovery including discussion of the steps and principles outlined in the big book. He also looks at topics commonly discussed in the fellowship and how he sees them applied to his own recovery.

In the posts below, Dr. Mike gives his thoughts on different topics related to recovery.  Comments and discussion are welcome.

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 9 – Alcoholism a disease of perception

Aug 11, 2017

When I admit I am an alcoholic what does that mean to me? It means that I have an allergy of the body that is called the phenomenom of craving. If I put alcohol in my body something happens that causes me to crave more alcohol. There is no treatment for that. Therefore I have no control once I put alcohol in my system. So the obvious solution is to…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 8 – Update from Dr. Mike – Welcome to the site

Aug 9, 2017

I want to thank everyone for their support. Patty and I have been gone for several weeks and when came back been busy with family. Now everything caught up and I will be updating thoughts on recovery at least 3 times a week. The podcasts will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since each meeting at different part of the book each update will reflect where we are in…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 7 – Fully concede to our innermost selves that we were alcoholics

Jul 29, 2017

What does it mean to for me to fully concede something? The definition of conced is to admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it. This certainly applied for me. I have  seen in others and myself that alcoholic behavior was exhibited long before fully conceding it.  “The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 6 – The First Step in Recovery

Jul 26, 2017

If you asked at a meeting what is the first step in recovery there would be hesitation then most would say step 1 of the 12 steps but that is not the first step in recovery. On p 30 in the chapter more about alcoholism it states “we learned we had to fully concede to our innermost selves that we were alcoholics. This is the first step in recovery. The…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 5 – Do I Have the Power to Choose Not to Drink Today?

Jul 7, 2017

I would ask the group at meetings “Who has the power of choice, today, not to drink?”.  People would look around at each other and raise their hands, tentatively.  The answer, for me, is I am a real alcoholic.  I have lost the power of choice to drink.  I can never recover the power of choice.  So, why have I been able to stay sober? Mark H. said it best…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 4 – False Pride

Jul 4, 2017

Clancy I., in one of his talks, stated that false pride is a killer for alcoholics.  He defined false pride as a compensation for feeling “less than”.  That statement defined my life.  From early childhood, I was constantly seeking approval through actions or achievements.  Just being “Michael” wasn’t good enough.  I never felt OK.  This resulted in my lifelong pursuit of success, so I would get approval from others.  I…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 3 – Recovered Alcoholic – What does that mean?

Jun 27, 2017

I was in a meeting, years ago, and someone introduced themselves as a recovered alcoholic.  My first thought was that they were bragging or being arrogant.  This was before I found Joe and Charlie and worked the steps out of the Big Book and began my intense study of it.  The original Big Book published in 1939, has, on the back cover “The story of how more than 100 men…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 2 – AA Approved Literature

Jun 20, 2017

I have heard people speak with authority and say, “you can’t read non-AA approved literature at a meeting”. Several years ago, we were reading from “The Steps We Took” by Joe McQ, on resentments. We had a new person travelling through Topeka at the meeting. He kept looking at the book and reading the cover, studying it, and was apparently upset, shaking his head in disgust. After a while, he…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 1 – The Circle and the Triangle and AA Today

Jun 10, 2017

The circle and the triangle symbol was used by AA and introduced by Bill W. in 1955.  The equilateral triangle represents the three-part answer – unity, recovery, and service – to a three-part disease – physical, mental, spiritual.  The circle represents wholeness or oneness.  It is based on an ancient symbol where the body should be triangular and stable.  The mind is circular and open.  The triangle represents the means…

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