AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery




Dr. Mike, in these essays, discusses different aspects of recovery including discussion of the steps and principles outlined in the big book. He also looks at topics commonly discussed in the fellowship and how he sees them applied to his own recovery.

In the posts below, Dr. Mike gives his thoughts on different topics related to recovery.  Comments and discussion are welcome.

Thoughts of Recovery – No.17 – The Spiritual Malady – Step 1

Sep 12, 2017

I want to make clear to members that these thoughts are not definitive treatise on the subjects. Just an attempt to stimulate thought or discussion and provide information based on my study and experience. Today I look further at the disease of alcoholism focusing on it as a spiritual malady. It says on page 64 that I suffer from a spiritual disease. “For we have been not only mentally and…

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Thoughts of Recovery – No. 16 – The disease of alcoholism

Sep 11, 2017

We talk about the disease of alcoholism. What is the disease? I can only share my thoughts. We talk about the allergy of the body and the obsession of the mind. The allergy to alcohol that alcoholics have is a loss of control when alcohol is put into the body. This is called the phenomenon of craving.  It means if an alcoholic takes the first drink he loses control of…

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Thoughts of Recovery – No. 15 – Purpose of the big book to answer the question of what do I have to do? Page 20

Sep 6, 2017

The authors are offering the reader their experience that led to recovery from a hopeless condition of mind and body. They suggest if you are an alcoholic who wants to get over it you would ask the question what do I have to do?  On page 20 they say the purpose of the big book is to answer that question specifically. They will tell him what they did. The book…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 14 – Everyone should understand the powerful message on Page 17 – The great news

Aug 31, 2017

Joe and Charlie emphasize that everyone especially new people understand p17.  We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds that are brought together because of a common peril. They describe that we are like passengers on an ocean liner that has hit an iceberg and is sinking. Our common peril was alcoholism.   After rescue  they have camaraderie, joyousness, and democracy. The joy of rescue does not subside among…

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update from dr mike- drs opinion part 1

Aug 29, 2017

When I recorded first podcast I was on drs. opinion part 2… I did drs. opinion part 1 tonight at home and it will be posted tomorrow. This way it is available and won’t have to wait till we cover it again in about 5 weeks when we start book over on sat meeting. I have started using the podcasts as a way of sponsoring and going thru the book…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 13 – The powerful significance of Bill’s Story

Aug 24, 2017

Dr Mike explains that the  layout of Bill’s story is to show the reader how someone became hopeless in mind and body and was offered the solution outlined in this book.  The author then he tells us how he took the steps in Towns hospital and what happened to him. This chapter is designed to see if you relate to how he thinks and drank and see the progression of…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 12 – The layout of the Big book

Aug 23, 2017

The big book is a textbook. It is laid out to describe the problem and then the solution. In the forward to the first edition the authors describe the problem as a hopeless condition of mind and body. Then they state the purpose of the book is to show the reader precisely how that was accomplished. The first chapter in the original bigbook published in 1939 was called Drs. opinion.…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 11 -The First Page of the big book

Aug 16, 2017

The first page has a powerful spiritual message. The original cover states that this book is the story of how more than one hundred men and women have recovered from alcoholism. This book is a how to recover from alcoholism. Therefore if you have a problem and been unable to come up with a solution then this book offers a solution. Then you open the book  to the first page.…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 10 – Alcoholics Anonymous a textbook of recovery

Aug 13, 2017

The cover of the fourth edition says this is the basic text, a message of recovery. This book is a textbook and is written to convey the experiences of the first one hundred to the reader. A textbook conveys information from the mind of the author to the reader. This book tells us what they learned and did so we could get the same result as the author. It is…

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