AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery




Dr. Mike, in these essays, discusses different aspects of recovery including discussion of the steps and principles outlined in the big book. He also looks at topics commonly discussed in the fellowship and how he sees them applied to his own recovery.

In the posts below, Dr. Mike gives his thoughts on different topics related to recovery.  Comments and discussion are welcome.

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 52 – Faith without Works is Dead – AA Big Book – Pages 76 and 88 – The Spiritual Awakening as a Result of the Steps and what this means for me today – Part 2

Mar 21, 2018

When I decided to look at this verse and what it means in relation to AA and why it was put in those particular pages I didn’t realize what I was undertaking. This verse summarizes everything the big book is about. I have decided to tackle this project in several parts. In part 1 I tried to put the sermon on the mount in relation to the book of James.…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 51 – Faith without Works is Dead – Pages 76 and 88 – The spiritual awakening as the result of the steps and what this means for me today – Part 1

Mar 15, 2018

This powerful verse from the book of James is referenced twice in the big book. Before looking at this verse in relation to the program of recovery I wanted to give some of the history behind the study of the book of James and AA in it’s early days. AA claims it’s foundation day June 10, 1935. This is the day of Dr. Bob’s last drink. You will recall that…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 50 – Steps 6 and 7 – Becoming a New Person

Mar 6, 2018

” All the change that comes about through God’s working in our lives is by our consent and permission. All the growth that happens happens through our will and our consent. We have to make the decision. we have to become willing and ready, and we can see it building to the point of change “. (from the Steps We Took). I believe these steps are the pinnacle of the…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 49 – Steps 6-7-10- Entering the Kingdom – The World of the Spirit

Feb 27, 2018

Sandy Beach was one of the messengers sent by God to help me down the path toward a relationship with God.. I dedicate this thought to him and his ideas he presented on this step. He gave many powerful talks on these steps. He starts one of them with the following story. Would you like to enter the kingdom of God? The door is wide open and it has been…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 48 – Step 6 and 7 – Requirements to begin these steps

Feb 22, 2018

I will cover these 2 steps in tandem because they are worked side by side. On Sunday night I will be covering these steps using the book drop the rock as a basis for discussion. I have already covered the introduction and looked at the story about Mary and the boat and the end of the famous Sandy B drop the rock talk. The big book only has 2 paragraphs…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 47 – Step 5 – What must I learn and fully concede to my innermost self?

Feb 19, 2018

I decided to do a series of my thoughts on the steps. How do I see them today after doing over 1200 experience the big book meetings. I am now at step 5. I have gone over step 4 in great detail so I will focus on the significance and value of step 5. Step 5 is so important in the destruction of my self-centeredness. It continues the process of…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 46 – Dr Mike’s Step 4 and Step 10 Resentment Cheat Sheet – Freedom from anger

Feb 14, 2018

I was working on step 4 with 2 guys and I gave them some thoughts on what to do right away whenever bothered or angry. They thought it was helpful and I should put it on the site. Immediate instructions 1) Pause immediately 2) Admit to myself I am always wrong to be angry 3) I am running the show -stop 4) I am being self centered – turn to…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 45 – Step 4 – Sex and Relationship Inventory – Pages 68-70 – Go to Episodes and scroll down to tags sex inventory for podcasts on this topic

Feb 8, 2018

To complete the fourth step the last manifestation of self we inventory is our actions that produced our shame and guilt. This is our sex or conduct inventory. They say we are not trying to be the arbiter or judge of anyone’s sex conduct. They look at initially our sex or romantic relationships but the questions can apply to other relationships. This process helps me see who I have harmed…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 44 – Step 4 – Fear – Freedom from Fear – Page 68

Feb 5, 2018

I have looked at fear and how it is an evil and corrisive thread that destroyed the tapestry of my life. Self reliance failed me. Therefore I need to live on the basis of trusting and relying on God. Seeking to do his will in all my affairs. I seek to align my thinking in line with God’s will for me. Step 10 is how I do that throughout the…

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