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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 73 – Step 1 – Fred -More about Alcoholism – Pages 39-42 – Part 2 – A powerful message for all alcoholics no matter how long you are sober!

In part 2 Fred is in the hospital. When he recovers enough to review the events he becomes aware that he made no fight whatever against the first drink. There was no thought to consequences at all. 

 He recalled that his alcoholic friends prophesied the time and place would come – he would drink again. An alcoholic mind has strange mental blanks spots. Will power and self knowledge would not be effective when the obsession to drink comes into the mind of an alcoholic.

 He then new he was hopelessly defeated. No power against the first drink. His alcoholic friends outlined the spiritual answer and the program they used to achieve it. Although he was crushed he felt the program of action seemed pretty drastic. Did you feel this way? Have you seen newcomers feel this way?  

Fred makes a powerful point! He would have to throw out several lifelong conceptions! Old ideas! Remember we have to let go of them absolutely or the result is nil.

He relates the moment he made up his mind to go through with the process he had the curious feeling that his alcoholic condition was relieved. I can relate and remember the moment for me. I asked God to take my life and said I would do whatever I was told.   It is hard to describe the sense of relief and that was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

There is a promise at the bottom of page 42. Spiritual principles would solve all my problems. All my problems . The only condition is to practice these spiritual principles in ALL my affairs. If I do that on a daily basis I will have a daily reprieve from my alcoholism.

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