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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 66 – Step 11 – Concluding Prayer – What is my next step to be? Page 87

After concluding my morning meditation they suggest a powerful prayer that I say every day. I call this the next right thing prayer. I have heard many times someone say I just do the next right thing. It sounds good but for me doing the next right thing brought me to complete defeat! Why? Because Michael was deciding what was the next right thing. Not God. On page 62 it described my life. I found that I made many many many decisions based on self which placed me in a position to be hurt and hurt others. I don’t want to live this way anymore!

The prayer is that I be shown ALL through the day what my next step is to be! That I be given whatever I need to take care of any problems. Isn’t this trying to have consciousness of God’s will for me all the time and access his power to carry out his will? Asking God to give me what I need to do His next right thing for me. Asking God into my day and life. The better I do this the better my days. The more serenity and peace I feel. What a shock!

I should keep my prayers free of self will. I only ask for myself if others are to be helped. I be careful not to pray for my selfish ends. This is so important and it ties together my prayer on awakening and my meditation on facing indecision. I say the third and seventh step prayer and pray and meditate the St. Francis prayer every morning. Remember prayer and meditation is an individual practice. Be quick to see where religious leaders are right. Incorporate any set prayers that emphasis the spiritual principles.

The more I focus on how I should be the better I will act. I try to follow the suggestion on page 83. I ask God to show me the way of love, patience, tolerance , kindness, consideration and compassion. Notice the word way. What is the way? I meditate on what the way looks like. This gets me out of praying for self and selfish things. God’s will for me is simple. To bring love and tolerance for others into every situation. Reminding myself to stay close to God and just to play the role he assigns then I will receive everything I need. The result is trust in and obedience to God.

The important thing for me is to do prayer and meditation every day. Make this a daily discipline. If you are new this is how we begin seeking God. The more you do it the better you feel about it. The better you feel the more you want to keep doing it. Remember the promise that when we drew near to Him He disclosed Himself to us. Improving my conscious contact. Growing in fellowship with the Spirit.

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