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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 65 – Step 11 – When I face indecision – P86

After they look at upon awakening the authors talk about looking at the day ahead. In thinking about my day I may face indecision. We may not be able to determine which course to take – page 86.

Why did they put that next? I have thought about that through the years. To admit I may face indecision is to admit I need God to guide me and need to seek him throughout the day. That I don’t always know what is the next right action. Remember with God I can handle situations which used to baffle me. It also reminds me I don’t have to react the way I did before. I have a power available to me to live and direct my thoughts and actions. I made a decision to do this in step 3 and now in step 11 I am using prayer and meditation to follow thru on that decision.

I am to meditate that during the day whenever I need to make a tough decision to seek God first. They are talking about those situations that don’t require an immediate decision. Whenever I face a situation that is troubling or causes indecision I ask God (here we use prayer again) for inspiration, an intuitive thought, or a decision. In other words I am not walking alone anymore. I have God with me throughout the day to help me meet any situation. After I say the prayer they tell me to relax and take it easy. Allow God to work in my life. I don’t need to struggle anymore when things get difficult. I don’t have to make decisions right away. It gives me freedom.

There is a promise here that the right answers will come after we try this for awhile. I will begin to rely on this process and see that the occasional hunch or inspiration is actually God working in my life. If I practice asking God whenever facing a tough decision what action to take I will begin to see that my actions have better results. All action is born in thought. Try this and see the results.

What has happened over the years is that when things come up during the day it became almost automatic to go to God for direction. Especially when still working I would be bombarded with difficult medical situations. There were those that I had dealt with in the past so I had experience and knowledge and I would intuitively know the right answers and take immediate action. I would have peace with them and that was God telling me to go ahead. On the other hand there were times where there were many options and I didn’t have to make an immediate decision. I would discuss the different options with the patient and tell them I wanted to pray about it and get back to them. It was uncanny how sometime that night or in the morning I would see the right action so clearly. Sometimes it was one I hadn’t considered. I would just know it was the right decision!

The next thought talks about the decisions or actions that need to be made right away and how we use prayer and meditation for those situations.

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