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Thoughts on Recovery – Step 3 – No. 30 – The root of my problem

The third step requires that I be convinced that my life run on self will can never be successful. The authors then tell me finally on page 62 what is the root of my problem. Selfishness- self-centeredness is the root of my problem. What that said to me is that I had an obsession with me. What I wanted and needed to satisfy my instincts of life dominated my thoughts. This led to being angry and judgemental and in constant fear. The book said that I made decisions based on self which put me in a position to be hurt and to hurt others. This was very clear when I did my fourth step.

My troubles were of my own making . This is a great promise because with God’s help I can change . I don’t have to live like that anymore.  There is a program that is designed to change me from a self –  centered to God – centered person.

They tell me that I was an extreme example of self will run riot. They say that above everything I must be rid of this selfishness or it will kill me. Do they really mean above everything? I believe that for me, is it true for you? God makes it possible and I cannot be rid of my selfishness without God’s help. I must be willing to completely surrender that without God I am in a situation that is hopeless. I cannot fix myself! I need to carry these thoughts with me constantly! I need to be a God seeker.

Now I am ready to make a decision!  The next thought will focus on this decision, what it meant for me and look at the third step promises and the warning before taking this step!

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