AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 11 -The First Page of the big book

The first page has a powerful spiritual message. The original cover states that this book is the story of how more than one hundred men and women have recovered from alcoholism. This book is a how to recover from alcoholism. Therefore if you have a problem and been unable to come up with a solution then this book offers a solution. Then you open the book  to the first page. It is blank! This has powerful spiritual significance!

I must leave behind everything I think I know about everything. I must be willing to let go of all my old ideas. Willing to be open to the ideas presented in this book. Willing to change my mind. Willing to let go of my judgement. My ideas about God. My plan for living.

The authors are asking you to not drink, turn your life over to God, and get rid of all of your old ideas. My old ideas was my  whole game plan for living . Every conviction, every attitude, every prejudice — everything that I had about the world are my old ideas.

So hopefully you are completely defeated that you have anyway to fix your life on your own when you open this book. Then be willing to begin a spiritual journey that will change your life. The first requirement is complete willingness to let go of me!

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