AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

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Saturdays – Ep 306 – Recovery from alcoholism – The 12 steps – How to go from conscious separation to conscious contact with God – See pdf recovery from alcoholism under resources and thoughts 74-77 Experiencethebigbook.org – Part 1

How¬† we go from my self centered world to the world of the spirit and stay there. see resources pdf recovery from alcoholism and thoughts 74-77 on site experiencethebigbook.org …. I can be contacted mhurwitz50@gmail,com

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Saturday – Ep: 229 – The Program of Recovery – The 12 Steps – How I go from the the World of My Alcoholism to the World of the Spirit – How I stay there! See pdf recovery from alcoholism on site ebb.org

I summarized my thoughts on the program. What the world of my alcoholism looked like and what I did to get out of that world and enter the world of the spirit. What steps are required. Then I look at what the world of the spirit looks like and what steps are required to stay…

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