AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Saturday – Ep: 127 – A vision for you- Final instructions and hope – Be joined in the fellowship of the Spirit! Pages 161-4

The authors end the first 164 pages with a powerful vision and hope for alcoholics . Who do we rely on? How do you find the fellowship you crave? God will disclose more to you provided you take what actions? What is the great fact for them? Is it true for you? Are you in the fellowship of the spirit?

a vision for you p 161 – 164

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  1. Carrie Cole on May 18, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Thank you Mike. It really does me good to read your thoughts and experience of the Big Book much appreciated. I have a girl I want to hook up with this. Do I just need to give you her phone number to send the link to?
    Thank you!

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