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Saturdays – Ep: 23 – Bill’s Story – Pages 14-16 – A message of hope

We look at what happened in the Towns hospital to Bill W. How did he change as the result? What became his life’s focus? How has that affected your life today? What was his vision in 1939? Has that come true? These few pages and actually the whole chapter are a powerful message of hope to all those who suffer from alcoholism.

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  1. Grady Golden on August 7, 2018 at 10:49 am

    Unbelievably powerful! You definitely have a gift from God as an expositor ! Thank you so much for what you do and especially thank you for taking me and being my sponsor I have been listening to bills story most of the day and evening yesterday and already this morning since I got up around four I will listen and read and try to help you do every day the rest of my life

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