AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 25 – The whole deal – Page 164

I have had a saying with sponsees just do the deal. The last page of the big book instructions and experience is on p164. I will be covering this tomorrow and completing the 9th time covering the first 164 pages. What is the deal?

What do they tell me on this last page? They first tell me my real reliance is always upon God! If I do this he will show me how to create the fellowship I crave. I believe the experience the big book meetings and now the web site was directed by my higher power to accomplish just that.

They then tell me God will continue to disclose more to me. How does that happen?  First I have to keep my house in order. They then tell me to ask God in my morning meditation how I can be of service to him and others. How do I keep my house in order? By continuosly practicing prayer, meditation and inventory- steps 1-11 and practicing the spiritual principles in all my affairs. Doing the deal.

If I do all of that each day then my relationship with Him will be right. Then great events will come to pass for me and others. This is called the great fact. Is this coming true for you?

The final paragraph every time i read it to conclude a study of the book causes me to get emotional. Who cannot remember the moment of complete defeat and then look at where you are today and not be overwhelmed with the grace of God .

Abandon myself to God as I understand him. Admit my faults to him and my fellows. Clear away the wreckage of my past. Give freely of what I find and join them . If I do the deal then I will be in the fellowship of the spirit! Notice not the spirit of the fellowship . The fellowship of the spirit is the result of doing the deal. What happens when you are in the fellowship of the spirit?  It is described on p25. I will have a spiritual experience that will revolutionize my whole attitude toward my fellows and God’s universe. The central fact of my life is the absolute certainty that my Creator has entered into my heart and life in a way that is indeed miraculous! Then the great promise is that my Creator has commenced to accomplish those things for which I could not do for myself!  So just do the deal!

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