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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 21 – Step 10 – How to stay in the World of the Spirit – WADAT – Watch Ask Discuss Amend Turn

My last thought was a discussion of what the authors meant by the world of the spirit. Also I looked at the significance of entering and being in this world.  The whole deal of AA is getting you into the world of the spirit thru the actions of steps 4-9 and then staying there with steps 10-11.
In one paragraph on p84 are specific instructions on staying in the world of the spirit which is essentially how to stay undisturbed and connected to God each day and even every moment. If I am connected to God my thinking and actions will be better and the result will be a new way of living. How I do that is to work steps 4-9 all the time. They say my function is to grow in understanding and effectiveness in this world.  It is to be continued throughout my lifetime.

The first thing I am told to do is watch with God for the emergence of self. Specifically watching for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear. So the W in WADAT is for watch. The next instruction is that when these thoughts crop up I ask at once for God to remove them. Thus I watch , not wait , for the beginning of the emergence of self and when it  starts to barely come to surface I ask God to take them away. The A in WADAT is ask. Asking God is a specific word used in scripture and the big book that implies that what is asked will be done.

The next instruction is to discuss with someone immediately so I can have a different view and see it differently.  Thus the D in WADAT is to discuss and by these first 3  instructions you are practicing steps4-7.

After that I am told to make amends immediately if I have harmed anyone. Thus working steps 8-9. Doing this at once keeps me connected to God in the now. The A in WADAT is amends.

The next instruction is a powerful reminder of my purpose in life. On page 77  it says my purpose is to maximally fit myself to serve God and others. After taking the above actions they tell me to resolutely turn my thoughts to someone I can help. Notice it doesn’t say alcoholics but anyone . Turn is a powerful word. I am turning my mind away from self to God. The T in WADAT  is turn. Thru these five instructions I am destroying my self -centeredness .  This paragraph has changed my life! I try to practice this all the time. Of course some days better than others but when I practice this way of loving everything seems to work! Try it and look at the results.  Let me hear from you , comment on the site or facebook or send me email – mhurwitz@gmail.com .



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