AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery


Thought No. 78 – Welcome to the Site

This site went live on June 14, 2017.  I wrote this on july 2 2017 and I thought it would be helpful to republish this as a  thought so new people would see what EBB was all about.  I started the Experience the Big Book meeting in September 2008. See my story podcast June 2018…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 63 – Step 11 – Why did they wait to step 11 to suggest prayer and meditation? Putting this step in perspective with steps 1-10

At the meeting last Sunday night we were looking at the paragraph on becoming God conscious. I had written a thought no. 61 on that which we also read at the meeting. There were some excellent comments at the meeting about how important prayer is as an essential part of recovery. I asked myself why…

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