AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery

Thoughts on Recovery – No. 22 – Nine yrs. of EBB Sept 27 2008-2017 – Page 100

Last night marked the 9th anniversary of the EBB meetings. I am so grateful to God. My favorite paragraph is on p 100. Both I and the people at the meetings have walked together on the path of  spiritual progress. For me remarkable things have come to pass. The things that have come to me when I put myself in God’s hands were far better than anything I could have planned!  One of the greatest promises to come true for me is that by following the dictates of my higher power  I live in a new and wonderful world. No matter the external circumstances! Wow. What this means for me is that with God I  can have peace no matter what is happening. Instead of seeing problems I only see situations and can ask God to give me serenity and either accept or change. I cannot even begin to express the rewards of doing these meetings and hope they and this site will continue to carry the message. I would love to hear from you either by commenting on the site or email me at mhurwitz@gmail.com . My next thought will be the God book.

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