AA speaker Dr. Mike presents a Big Book study podcast and thoughts on recovery




Dr. Mike, in these essays, discusses different aspects of recovery including discussion of the steps and principles outlined in the big book. He also looks at topics commonly discussed in the fellowship and how he sees them applied to his own recovery.

In the posts below, Dr. Mike gives his thoughts on different topics related to recovery.  Comments and discussion are welcome.

Experience the Big Book AA Meetings Available Online

Mar 20, 2020

UPDATE:  THE ONLINE ZOOM AND TELECONFERENCE MEETINGS NOW REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS. THE PASSWORD IS: 1234 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experience the Big Book meetings will be accessible online as Zoom video conferences, starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6pm central time.  These meetings can be accessed go to thought and click on read more for how to accessfor free via computer, tablets and mobile devices, and…

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Thoughts for recovery – No 77- Recovery from Alcoholism – Part 4

Feb 19, 2019

See resources for recovery to find card on recovery from alcoholism to follow In the previous 3 parts I covered how I moved out of my self centered world thru the arch of freedom into the world of the spirit. The promises on page 83 come true when we have entered this world. The book says we are now at step 10. So step 10 is how I keep the…

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Thoughts for Recovery – No. 76 – Recovery from Alcoholism – Part 3

Feb 10, 2019

See chart on recovery from alcoholism in resources. In part one I looked at how living self centered and separated from God my life could never be manageable. I would seek alcohol to change how I saw the world. I became powerless over alcohol. I had no power to live. Thus I was surrendered and admitted complete defeat. Defeated by my self sufficiency. In part 2 after admitting I had…

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Thoughts for Recovery – No. 75 – Recovery from Alcoholism – Part 2

Jan 28, 2019

You may find the chart recovery from alcoholism in links and documents to follow. In part one I looked at the world of my alcoholism and how living in that world did not work. It brought me to my knees. I was completely defeated. I had hit bottom and I was brought to a place where I was willing to go to any length to change. This brought me to…

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Thoughts for Recovery – No. 74 – Recovery from Alcoholism – Part 1

Jan 24, 2019

This thought will focus on a chart I made to help new people see on paper how I see recovery from alcoholism. See chart under links and documents titled recovery from alcoholism Chuck C. in his famous new pair of glasses talk, stated there is only one problem. Conscious separation. One solution. Conscious contact. That is the whole deal. How do I go from conscious separation to conscious contact with…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 73 – Step 1 – Fred -More about Alcoholism – Pages 39-42 – Part 2 – A powerful message for all alcoholics no matter how long you are sober!

Jan 17, 2019

In part 2 Fred is in the hospital. When he recovers enough to review the events he becomes aware that he made no fight whatever against the first drink. There was no thought to consequences at all.   He recalled that his alcoholic friends prophesied the time and place would come – he would drink again. An alcoholic mind has strange mental blanks spots. Will power and self knowledge would not…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 72 – Step 1 – Fred – More About Alcoholism – Pages 39-42 – Part 1 – A Powerful Message for all Alcoholics No Matter How Long You are Sober!

Jan 13, 2019
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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 71 – Step 1 – Description of the Alcoholic – The desperate experiment of the first drink – Why does he? Example a man called Jim – Part 2 – More about Alcoholism – P 35-37 – go to Sunday year 3 episode 32 for podcast

Jan 11, 2019

In part 2 we will look at Jim’s story. He tells the AA members exactly how it happened that he drank again. It is his story. It starts with him going to work on Tuesday morning. Where was he Monday? He remembers he was irritated that he was a salesman for the agency he once owned. Remember in the Drs. Opinion he says alcoholics are restless, irritable, and disconnected, and…

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Thoughts on Recovery – No. 70 – Step 1 – Description of the Alcoholic – The desperate experiment of the first drink – Why does he? Example a man called Jim – Part 1 – More about Alcoholism – P 35-37

Jan 11, 2019

The chapter More about Alcoholism is designed to make the reader understand that the alcoholic is powerless, powerless, powerless, to control how much we drink after we take the first drink and powerless to keep from taking the first drink.  This is the hopeless condition of mind and body that defines the real alcoholic.  Is this true for you? It was true for me when I came in and is…

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