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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 42 – Step 4 – Fear – Second Step Proposition exercise on fear – God is everything or he is nothing what is our choice to be ? – Part 1 – Essential Initial Requirements for Achieving Recovery from Alcoholism

sat -AUDIO HAS BEEN FIXED This is a spiritual exercise that looks at attaining a new level of existence in the fourth dimension. In part one it has an excellent discussion of the what is really required for steps 1-3.  Then in part 2 it shifts to how we follow through this decision to be…

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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 26 – How it Works Preamble – Pages 58-60 – Part 2 – To any length – Old ideas – Power of Alcohol – Power of God – The turning point – Half measures – Prodigal son

I cover 4 paragraphs in this episode. Read at almost every meeting. Powerful spiritual words. What do these paragraphs tell me? What must I do? What is the warning if I don’t follow these directions? I also take a brief look at the parable of the prodigal son and how it relates to my alcoholism…

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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 14 – A man called Fred – The description of the alcoholic – Once again, no human power can relieve our alcoholism – More about alcoholism – Pages 39-43

Members said this was a very powerful episode and uses Fred to hammer home to the reader the powerlessness. The description of the alcoholic mind. The inability to see the truth about alcohol. Ever. Without God. May you find him now. Like to hear from you mhurwitz50@gmail.com

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