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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 42 – Step 1,2,3,4- Second Step Proposition Exercise – Part 1 – Essential Initial Requirements for Achieving Recovery from Alcoholism

AUDIO HAS BEEN FIXED This is a spiritual exercise that looks at attaining a new level of existence in the fourth dimension. In part one it has an excellent discussion of the what is really required for steps 1-3.  Then in part 2 it shifts to how we follow through this decision to be able…

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Wednesdays – Year 1 – Ep. 7: Step 4 – Fear Inventory – Is God everything or nothing? Second Step Proposition Exercise on Fear – Part 2

The second step proposition exercise looks at the proposition “Is God everything or nothing?” What is our choice to be? Discusses surrender, the ego, and how what I want doesn’t matter. It discusses what is involved in surrender in the third step. How does fear relate to our choice? See the handout in resources for…

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