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Saturday – Ep: 345 – Drs. Opinion – Part 2 – What is the problem and solution? Pages xxviii-xxix

The Dr. in these 2 pages describes the disease of alcoholism and his conception of what is required for successful treatment
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Saturday – Ep: 344 – The Family Afterward – Practicing the principles in all our affairs – Pages -122-7

 Relationships at home after the alcoholic is sober and trying to live a spiritual life. Spiritual principles to guide all those involved.
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Saturday – Ep: 342 – Drs. Opinion – Step 1 – Part 1

The disease of alcoholism described by Dr. Silkworth in 1939. Any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 339 – Step1 – Description of the Alcoholic – What makes me powerless over alcohol? Part 1

A look at step 1 using information presented in chapter more about alcoholism …
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Saturday – Ep: 336 – The spiritual checklist and the St. Francis prayer – Essential Tools for me trying to live the spiritual life

The spiritual checklist can be found under resources on recovery. Great tool for how to practice a new way of thinking and reacting
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Saturday – Ep: 331 – To Wives (also to Alcoholics) – Part 3 – Pages 108-112 – Spiritual principles to practice in all our affairs

Considered one of the ” lost chapters” contains both a classification of alcoholics and spiritual principles in dealing with them.. comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 330 – Recovered Alcoholic! – How do I get and stay recovered?

Recovering Alcoholic is not a term used in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. They say they have recovered from a seemingly hopeless condition of mind and body. I look at what recovered means to me today. Comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 325 – Words of Spiritual Truth – Working with Others – Pages 108-112

website experience the big book for more podcasts, thoughts, and resources
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Saturday – Ep: 323 – Starting Big Book Again – To Show Precisely how We Recovered! Go to experience the big book website for more podcasts and resources

I look at the cover and forward to first edition as well as the table of contents and how the book is laid out. Welcome any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com.
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Saturday – Ep: 316 – Step 3 – Part 2 – 12 steps and 12 traditions

step 3 in the 12 and 12 traditions any comments mhurwitz50 @gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 314 – Step 2 – Comparison between this step in the big book and the 12 and 12

I looked at this step and compared it between the big book and the 12 and 12
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