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Start with the Introduction to Experience the Big Book episode to hear why and how this meeting started.

Introduction to Experience the Big Book

Dr. Mike tells some of his story and how the Experience the Big Book Meeting came into being. He explains his motives and goals for this in-depth study of the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Wednesdays – Year 3 – Ep: 21 – Step Zero – How it ties in to next and at once on pages 63-4

See thought 49 step zero . Final look at step 3 and how all this relates to recovery from alcoholism
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 20 – Bills Story – A Message of Hope and Transformation – Part 1 – Pages 1-5 – Step 1

No words are adequate to the describe the power of this spiritual message . Any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 19 – Steps 8-9 – Into Action – Pages 78-83 – The alcoholic is like a tornado! How do we repair the damage?

These steps place us in order with others and the world. Notice how many pages are devoted to these steps. How do we get free of fear of people and repair the damage of the past?
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep 18 – Steps 8-9 – How it Works – Pages 76-77 – Part 2 – What is our real purpose? How do we approach those we harmed?

What are we trying to do? What is our purpose? How do we approach people? Essential information if I want to progress down the spiritual path.
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Wednesdays – Year 3 – Ep: 17 – Step 3 – How it Works – Page 62 – I must be rid of my selfishness or it is going to kill me! Who makes it possible? God!

Words don’t adequately do justice to the power of this page to change the way I see things and begin down the spiritual path. I hope you find this helpful. Welcome  comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 17 – How it Works – Step 8 – Page 76 – Willingness to make amends to all and it’s relationship to forgiving everyone?

We study on page 76 the information on step 8. Are you completely willing to make amends to all? Isn’t it about forgiving everyone and a changed attitude so you become willing to all?
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Wednesdays – Year 3 – Ep: 16 – How it Works – Step 3 – Pages 60-61 – What is the first requirement? What is my basic trouble!

We begin the study of these powerful 3 pages on step 3. It helps if you read it in the first person. These pages essentially describe line by line my spiritual malady and ask you the question is this true for you. It was and is life changing for me. Appreciate any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Sunday’s – Year 3 – Ep: 16 – AA History Synchronicity of Events Part 2 – And look at what is the message and are we carrying it today

Excellent review of the events and people that God brought together to give us this message of hope. Is the fellowship today carrying the original message?
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 16 – Carry this Message – Steps 6 and 7 year 3 step 6-7

In my final look at these life changing steps I cover the chapter on them from Carry this Message. T his is rhe most concise and practical info on these steps I have found. Welcome comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Wednesdays – Year 3 – Ep: 15 – How it Works Preamble – Part 4 – Pages 59-60 – Recovery from Alcoholism

I finish reviewing pages 58/60 which I call the how it works preamble. It would be helpful to find the card recovery from alcoholism under resources which I talk about in this podcast. I also have writen 4 thoughts on this topic. Welcome any comments
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep:15 – Step 6 – The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

 Bill W wrote an essay on this step in the early 1950’s. Excellent insight.
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 12 – AA History – A Synchronicity of Events – The Hand of God

The people and events which came together for the message of AA to come to us today.
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 14 – Step 6 and 7 – Drop the Rock – Part 4

I can’t keep practicing my character defects and expect God to remove them!
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