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UPDATE:  THE ONLINE ZOOM AND TELECONFERENCE MEETINGS NOW REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS. THE PASSWORD IS: 1234 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experience the Big Book meetings will be accessible online as Zoom video conferences, starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6pm central time.  These meetings can be accessed go to thought and click…

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Saturdays – Ep: 240 – Special meeting – Beginning another year – Thank You for Sharing the Path

I put together a special meeting celebrating another year of experience the big book. any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 239 – Step 11 – The St. Francis Prayer – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions – Pages 96-100

We look at the St. Francis prayer. What does it suggest? What do I bring if connected to God ? What do I seek? What do I receive? How can this prayer be used in meditation to improve my conscious contact with God? How is this prayer a vision of God’s will for me?
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Saturday – Ep: 236 – Step 10 and Step 11 – The St. Francis Prayer and how it relates to living in the World of the Spirit

In this episode I take a final look at these important steps. I spend some time on the St. Francis prayer. What it says to me and how I use it in my daily prayer and meditation. Then try to summarize these 2 steps that are crucial for my achieving emotional sobriety.
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Saturday – Ep: 230 – Step 10 – What does it mean to be recovered? – Into action – Page 85

We look at the final paragraph in step 10 on page 85 after I share my thoughts on what it means to me to be a recovered alcoholic.
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Saturday – Ep: 229 – The Program of Recovery – The 12 Steps – How I go from the the World of My Alcoholism to the World of the Spirit – How I stay there! See pdf recovery from alcoholism on site ebb.org

I summarized my thoughts on the program. What the world of my alcoholism looked like and what I did to get out of that world and enter the world of the spirit. What steps are required. Then I look at what the world of the spirit looks like and what steps are required to stay…
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Saturday – Ep: 228 – Step 10 – The Recovered Promises or Step 10 Promises – P 85 – Into Action

The promises of being in the world of the spirit. How I react if I am in fit spiritual condition. The problem has been removed. This paragraph has been called the recovered promises by some members. Like to hear from you mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Ep: 227 – Step 10 – We have entered the World of the Spirit – How do I stay there? Specific instructions – Page 84

I look at this one paragraph on page 84 that has become for me the instructions on how to live each day and stay on the beam connected to God. WADAT. Watch Ask Discuss Amend Turn. These few lines of instruction simplify how to live the spiritual life. If you find it helpful share this…
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Saturday – Ep: 225- The 9th Step Promises – We have entered the world of the Spirit – Into Action – Pages 83-4

This episode looks at the 9th step promises which are read at every meeting in Topeka usually off of a card. They are read and people chant. These promises are so powerful. I look at where they occur in the big book. What is required for them to occur? They are a gift we receive…
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Saturday – Ep: 223 – Into Action – Pages 79-83 – Step 9 – Clearing away the wreckage -The alcoholic tornado

These pages cover their experience in making restitution in domestic and criminal situations and where someone else is involved. They compare us to the farmer after the tornado. There are prayers for the family and suggestions on how we should live our life. Very important pages!
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Saturday – Ep: 222 – Steps 8-9 – Into Action – Pages 76-9 -Why is forgiveness essential for willingness? – What is the purpose of amends – Specific instructions

These pages have the instructions for working steps 8 and 9. I review the information from last week. Further thoughts on forgiveness and willingness. How do you approach the person whom you once hated? What is the attitude that one should have? What about if you owe money? What about criminal offenses? They give us…
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Saturday – Ep: 221 – Step 8 – Forgiveness , Willing to make Amends, Our Real Purpose in AA – Into Action – Pages 76-77

The instructions for step 8 are contained in these 2 pages. Freedom from fear of people. Willingness to forgive and what that means. Willingness to make right our past. Then the 2 sentences on what we are doing with the steps. Putting our life in order and most importantly what is our real purpose.
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Saturday – Ep: 218 – Acceptance was the Answer – Pages 407-420 – Part 1

Before starting over for the 10th time on Sunday the big book I wanted to look at this famous chapter which is Dr. Paul’s story. I found this story very moving when I first read it years ago. It was the third edition. They changed the pages and title in the fourth edition because so…
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