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Experience the Big Book AA Meetings Available Online

UPDATE:  THE ONLINE ZOOM AND TELECONFERENCE MEETINGS NOW REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS. THE PASSWORD IS: 1234 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experience the Big Book meetings will be accessible online as Zoom video conferences, starting Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6pm central time.  These meetings can be accessed go to thought and click…

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Sundays – Year3 – Ep: 7 – Dr. Bobs Nightmare – Part 2 – Pages 178-81

This podcast completes our founder DR, Robert Smith’s story. These final pages should be familiar to all alcoholics.  Especially the final paragraphs.  comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 6 – Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – Part 1 – Pages 171-178

Dr. Bob Smith one of our founders tells his story. We all owe so much to this man. He truly carried the message. He made a difference!
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 5 – A Vision for You – Pages 163-4 – The final instructions – How does it end? With hope!

What is the great fact? What do we ask for every morning? Abandon, admit, clear away, give freely, and join them and you will be with them in the fellowship of the spirit! I get emotional whenever I get to this page because it marks completion of another time through the big book studying the…
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 4 – A Vision for You – Pages 159-163 – AA in the beginning

These few pages describe AA in the beginning. How it grew. Their experience and their hope for us. Great stuff!
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 3 – A Vision for You – Pages 156-159 – Bill W and Dr. Bob Carry the Message and AA is born! –

These 3 pages have a powerful message. I must keep spiritually active. Faith without works is dead.  AA number 3 found God and in finding God he found himself!
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 2 – A Vision for You – God sends Bill W To Dr Bob – Akron Ohio May 1935 – To you today – Pages 153-156

Bill W in the lobby of the mayflower hotel entering the bar and what happened so we have the solution today. The hand of GOD.
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Sundays – Year 3 – Ep: 1 – A Vision for You – Pages 151-153 – There is a substitute for alcohol!

These first few pages go from the four horseman and wishing for an end, to a substitute for alcohol. The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  You will learn the full meaning of  “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
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