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Start with the Introduction to Experience the Big Book episode to hear why and how this meeting started.

Introduction to Experience the Big Book

Dr. Mike tells some of his story and how the Experience the Big Book Meeting came into being. He explains his motives and goals for this in-depth study of the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 12 – More about Alcoholism – The queer mental twist – A man named Jim – Pages 34-37

This chapter is great. No other way to describe it. The man named Jim. The inability for me and any real alcoholic to see the truth about alcohol before I take the first drink on my own without God! Ever! No defense. It MUST come from a higher power.
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 11 – The baffling feature of alcoholism – More about Alcoholism – Pages 32-5

This episode gives the example of the man of thirty which has a powerful message for all alcoholics! It begins discussion of the queer mental twist which all real alcoholics have in common. The baffling feature of alcoholism is discussed.
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 10 – Step 1 – More about alcoholism – The First Step in Recovery – Pages 30-32

These pages contain the first step in recovery not the first step of the program of recovery. They discuss the illusion that kills us and the delusion we have that must be smashed. Every alcoholic should read and know these few pages no matter the length of their sobriety.
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Saturdays – Year 2 Ep: 9 – The Solution – A Spiritual Experience or Awakening – There is a Solution – Pages 28-9 and Appendix Pages 567-8

What is the solution? What is a spiritual experience or awakening? What blocks us from it? How does it change us? How does the gift of desperation show up in my life?
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 8 – We receive the Solution – Roland Hazzard Dr Jung and Experiencing God’s Power – There is a Solution – Pages 25-27

Where did the solution come from? What did Dr Jung tell Roland Hazzard? What does the solution look like? Why is belief not enough for an alcoholic? These are such powerful pages that changed all of our lives. Let me hear from you mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep 7: Where is he main Problem centered? What is the Result? – There is a Solution – Pages 21-24

Every alcoholic needs to understand the message in these pages. This applies to the newcomer as well as someone with 30 years sober. What are the consequences of forgetting these facts? This is how the ego starts to rebuild by making the alcoholic think he is responsible for his sobriety.
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 6 – There is a Solution – The Problem as They See it – P 18-21

These pages tell us how they see our problem. Why they wrote this book. What do you have to do? Where is the answer? Why can’t we drink like normal people? A lot of information is in these few pages. Like to hear from you mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 2 -Ep: 5 – There is a solution – Review of Road Chart to a Decision – Disease Concept of Alcoholism – Big Book Goals – What is the Solution – God’s Will vs Self Will – Plus Page 17

This episode covers the topics in the title. The handouts corresponding to the topics are in resources for recovery under links and documents. I also tie it all together with the powerful message on p17. Members attending commented it was extremely helpful. Hope it will be so for you! Any comments appreciated at mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Year 3 – Ep: 20 – Bills Story – A Message of Hope and Transformation – Part 1 – Pages 1-5 – Step 1

No words are adequate to the describe the power of this spiritual message . Any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep: 28 – Drs. Opinion – Part 3 – Pages XXViii – XXXii and Introduction to Bill’s Story – Step 1

In this episode we complete Drs. Opinion and begin Bill’s story. The Dr. classifies alcoholics and once again emphasizes the phenomenon of craving. He reinforces the solution outlined in the book. Finally he gives advice to those reading this book. Then we begin Bill’s story. Whenever I read and discuss these pages I am amazed…
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep 27- Drs. Opinion – Part 2 – Powerful paragraphs on the problem of alcoholism – xxviii-xxix – Step 1

This chapter and in particular these pages changed the way we are seen by the medical profession. His ideas became accepted and  led to the disease concept of alcoholism. Everyone coming to AA needs to understand the implications in these pages . Do you think that is why the Drs. Opinion was chapter 1 in…
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep : 26 – Drs. Opinion – Part 1 – Step 1 – Pages xxv – xxviii

We will spend the first episode on Drs. Opinion looking at the information provided om this chapter that gave the medical world and alcoholics information about their problem. Hope you find it helpful.
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep: 25 – AA History – Where did the big book come from and AA in the beginning

We look at the books used in the writing of this powerful spiritual work. The spiritual principles came from many sources which we review in detail. Then see how AA was in the beginning and how the founders worked with newcomers and how the fellowship came into being. A look at Dr Bob and the…
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep: 24 – AA History – The Original Manuscript of the Book that started it all

Lois Wilson had the original manuscript that went to the printer in 1939.  It had the corrections penciled in and notations and comments written by bill and others. It is a powerful historical document and reflects the thinking of the authors and the thought that went into each word. It was auctioned in 2010 and…
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Saturdays – Year 1 – Ep: 23 -AA History- Beginning 10th time thru the big book – hx , first edition, covers, introduction

Last month marked the beginning of the tenth yr of experience the big book. Today I started the big book for the tenth time. I prepared some history behind the book, looked at first edition forward, table of contents, and first page. Looked at the four different covers and some general remarks regarding purpose behind…
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