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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 4 – Step 4 – How it works – Pages 70-1 – The fourth step promises!

we could also call this the fourth step results! welcome any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 3 – How it Works – Pages 68-9 – Step 4 – Sex Inventory

There are three inventories that are part of the fourth step. I have covered resentment and fear. The last inventory is sex relationships. They are covered on these 2 pages with specific questions and prayers. Life changing. Any comments appreciated mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 2 – Step 4 – Fear – Review of fear inventory instructions

Where does fear come from? How do we inventory to allow God to remove our fear? What is the fear prayer? What are the instructions for the fear inventory process? welcome any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com can find handout on resources for recovery
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Saturdays – Year 3 – Ep: 1- Second Step Proposition Exercise – Part 2 – Step 4 – Freedom from Fear!

Is God everything or nothing? When I choose nothing and am managing any area of my life it produces fear .  This exercise gives me specific tools to be free of fear and reconnect to God. It has been life changing for me. The handout is under resources for recovery. s
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 42 – Step 4 – Fear – Second Step Proposition exercise on fear – God is everything or he is nothing what is our choice to be ? – Part 1 – Essential Initial Requirements for Achieving Recovery from Alcoholism

sat -AUDIO HAS BEEN FIXED This is a spiritual exercise that looks at attaining a new level of existence in the fourth dimension. In part one it has an excellent discussion of the what is really required for steps 1-3.  Then in part 2 it shifts to how we follow through this decision to be…
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Saturday – Year 2 – Ep: 31 – How it Works – Step 3 – Part 2 – Page 62 – The manager (Me) is the problem! Fire me!

What can you say about this page or episode? These 2 paragraphs describe the spiritual malady. The bondage of me running my life centered on me and what I think I need . Some members commented that this is one of the best episodes I have recorded. Let me know if it is helpful. mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Year 2 – Ep: 30 – How it Works – Step 3 – Pages 60-63 – Part 1 – The first requirement – Managing my life will never work!

We begin the pages 60-63 that are the third step. In this episode we look at the first requirement on the journey to God directing my life. What every alcoholic must be convinced that I can not manage my life and it be successful.
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Saturday – Year 2 – Ep: 29 – How it Works Preamble – Pages 58-60 – Part 5 – Conscious separation to Conscious contact – The ABC ‘s of AA

We had the treatment center come to the meeting so I looked at the problem. Then I tried to tie it to steps 10-12. Then I concluded this study of the how it works preamble p 58-60 we my view of what the ABC’s mean to me. Welcome any comments mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturday – Year 2 – Ep: 28 – How it Works Preamble – Pages 58-60 – Part 4 – Steps 3-9 and the path to God

In this episode I review steps 3-9 on page 59 and try to put them in perspective. How these steps relate to steps 1-2. How the steps flow one to the other to lead down a path to a relationship with God which gives me a power to live!
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Saturday – Year 2 – Ep: 27 – How it Works Preamble – Pages 58-60 – Part 3 – The AA program of recovery

This page changed everything for those suffering from alcoholism! These steps are a spiritual solution to anyone suffering from a life of separation from God. How to live a spiritual life. In this episode I look at the word surrender and what it means to me. Then detailed view of steps 1-3.
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 26 – How it Works Preamble – Pages 58-60 – Part 2 – To any length – Old ideas – Power of Alcohol – Power of God – The turning point – Half measures – Prodigal son

I cover 4 paragraphs in this episode. Read at almost every meeting. Powerful spiritual words. What do these paragraphs tell me? What must I do? What is the warning if I don’t follow these directions? I also take a brief look at the parable of the prodigal son and how it relates to my alcoholism…
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 25 – The How It Works Preamble – Read at every meeting – Pages 58-60 – Part 1 – Honesty

In the next few episodes I will look at the how it works read at almost every meeting. In this first episode I make some general comments and then go over the first paragraph. Who cannot and will not give themselves to this simple program? What does constitutionally incapable mean? What is the path? Where…
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 21 – Step 2 – We Agnostics – Pages 55-57 – Where is the Great Reality Found? What attitude is required to not fail? How does God disclose himself to us?

The title tells you in these few pages there is a lot of information. They are life changing pages for me. The promises in these pages have come true for me. This is their testimony and the requirements for me to get what they had. How do I join them on the broad highway? What…
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 20 – We Agnostics – Pages 51- 54 – Crushed by a self imposed crisis is God everything? Step 2

This episode looks at a life run on self will and the way it looks on page 52. The bedevilments. Then on page 53 comes the second step proposition. Have you been crushed? What do they suggest you do?
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 19 – We Agnostics – A new power, peace, happiness and sense of direction – Pages 48-51 – Step 2

These pages look at why I should believe in a power greater than myself. Then they describe the results they received as a result of belief and resultant faith. They give arguments regarding changing our point of view. Every time I read these pages I learn more about letting go of my old ideas.
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 18 – We Agnostics – Where and how to find a power which will solve my problem – Pages 44-48 – Step 2

What is my dilemma? What is the solution? Why are they going to talk about God? What is the purpose of this book? what happens if I lay aside my prejudice? What is required to begin to possess a new sense of power and direction?
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 16 – Step 1 – Understanding the Problem – Part 2 – I need to admit I am powerless and surrender! – The Steps We Took

On this episode we look further at Joe Mcq’s thoughts on understanding our problem in the first step. He has excellent thoughts and leads us into the principle of surrender. Every time I go thru this chapter it reminds me that I am powerless and must constantly seek the power. Like to hear from you…
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep:15 – Step 1 – Understanding the Problem – Part 1 – The Steps We Took

On Saturday we are on our 10th time thru and have finished thru More About Alcoholusm. Before starting We Agnostics and covering step 2 I wanted to take a final look at step 1. This chapter is excellent in giving perspective to what is actually involved in this vital step. We will probably take 3…
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 14 – A man called Fred – The description of the alcoholic – Once again, no human power can relieve our alcoholism – More about alcoholism – Pages 39-43

Members said this was a very powerful episode and uses Fred to hammer home to the reader the powerlessness. The description of the alcoholic mind. The inability to see the truth about alcohol. Ever. Without God. May you find him now. Like to hear from you mhurwitz50@gmail.com
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Saturdays – Year 2 – Ep: 13 – Alcoholic Insanity – The jaywalker – More about Alcoholism – Pages 36-39 – Step 1

This chapter is designed to show the mental twist that we have no defense against. To show us our insanity and powerlessness. We review Jim and then the jaywalker then a description of the insanity that proceeds the first drink.
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